Nick MortonFor years Nick Morton has entertained audiences with his unique mentalism act "Magic of the Mind". Nick’s act includes some amazing feats of memory. The most incredible of these demonstrations has always been "magazine memory" where Nick tears up a magazine and distributes the pages to the audience. He then recalls the contents of any page number called out, even down to the tiniest detail. Audiences have always assumed there must a trick involved, but the reality is Nick is actually doing what he claims he can do - performing the seemingly impossible using advanced memory techniques. Techniques now available to you!

Nick Morton's Memory Training Course - 'The Art of Memory' is a half day presentation, held on-site at your place of work. The presentation is suitable for groups ranging in size from 4 to 40 people.

The presentation includes real demonstrations of super-memory by Nick, as well as the teaching and explanation of several different memory techniques to be used in different situations

All well as learning the theory, all attendees will participate in practical "mind on" activities that put the theory into practice and reinforce what has been learned.

All materials are included.

  • Imagine never forgetting a person's name again.
  • Imagine remembering speeches without the need to refer to notes.
  • Imagine being able to memorise telephone numbers without the need to write them down.
  • Imagine being able to memorise your tasks for the day with confidence.
  • Imagine memorising lists of items with ease - never forget something while shopping.
  • Imagine never losing your car keys again!

Please fill out the Contact Form to register you interest, or phone Nick any time on 0407 929 643.